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Crossgates Methodist Children's Center 

uniting faith and learning to create bright futures

SOUL SATURDAY ROCKS! More than forty volunteers showed up on a Saturday morning to spruce up the grounds of the Children's Center, trimming trees, painting bathrooms, and planting shrubs. What a BLESSING! We love our Crossgates United Methodist Family!

Front Desk Makeover!! Look at the mini-makeover we had in the office over the holidays -- the front desk looks like it was always meant to look; we just never realized it until now!

Summer 2015: CMCC Front Offices are getting a makeover this July! New floors are going in the entire East Building and the offices are being painted. Church volunteers are spending weekends making this happen. What a blessing!

June 12: The Twos classes had fun last Friday afternoon painting with their feet. Here are some pictures to enjoy. I think the children enjoyed getting their feet washed more than getting the paint on their feet!

April 17: The St. Jude trike-a-thon was a great success! It was impressive to see how many of the threes and fours were able to ride their trikes non-stop for almost thirty minutes. We usually have many of them too tired before the time is up, but if we could have bottled the energy out at the back parking lot, we could power the entire city! Officer Phillip Lasseter was wonderful with the children and we sure enjoyed his help. I am adding a few pictures from the fun.

March 2: Spring has come early, and we are enjoying some sunshine while we are at school. Each Friday, Preschool classes attend a Chapel Service. We sing songs, we pray, we hear a story or watch our friends act out a Bible truth, then go back to our regular class day. Today, we heard about a very, very wealthy man named Mr. Big Bucks and a woman who had almost nothing named Miss Poor Lady. Mr. Big Bucks gave a big check to his church and made sure everyone knew he gave alot of money, while Miss Poor Lady only had a penny to give, but she gave all of it to the church. Jesus said that Miss Poor Lady gave more than Mr. Big Bucks because she gave ALL she had. It was such a sweet time this morning with the children. Jacob and Taylor were great in their roles; I see budding actors already!

October 24: The Pumpkin Patch Trips were so much fun! 

August 8: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Today, many of the children have been promoted to new classes and new children have started. It has been a great day of getting to know our new ones while they get to know us. A few tears (mostly from new moms) and some insecurity about new surroundings, but everyone has had a pretty good day. 

SWIMMING every day is one of the fun parts of Summer Camp and Preschool. Even on the hottest days, when no one can spend much time outside, an hour of swimming and playing in the water is the highlight of everyone's day!   

A perfect time to have a little group time in the young infant class. 

We had an unexpected visitor at CMCC who has now been relocated to Madison. Baby opossums are the cutest (and the toothiest!)

The baby chicks hatched and we welcomed KFC (in the middle), Popeye (the dark one) and Chicken Strip (on the left) to the CMCC family. Honey Mustard was still pecking his way out of the egg when we had to tell them goodbye today so they can go to the farm in Belzoni and meet their siblings. 

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER! Go to FB and search for us, then LIKE our page. Our FB page is now linked to twitter as well. To follow us on twitter, just click the button here in the top-right corner of our home page and it will take you to our twitter feed... just click FOLLOW and we will add you to our CMCC List! Get the word out! These will be used whenever possible to keep parents informed of what is going on at CMCC.

Our first Monarch butterfly has hatched from the chrysalis! The tiny caterpillar grew and grew, formed the porcelain-like chrsysalis, and now is a HUGE Monarch butterfly. We rescued eggs and tiny larvae in Clinton on April 18 and now we are seeing the end result.

Recently heard: "Here I am to Wal-Mart", instead of "Here I am to worship " and who can resist a round of "My Barney lies over the ocean; my Barney lies over the sea..." There's never a dull moment when you have young ones around!

 The Twos had a great time today making cookies; measuring, dumping, stirring, and finally eating. We have some new chefs in the kitchen!

Christmas time is here! If you get a chance for a little reading, I found this wonderful article on creative play and young children. I hope you find it as interesting as I did! The magic of opening up new presents is short-lived, but the magic of old fashioned play is with us all the time. We here at CMCC wish you all the very best of Christmases and a prosperous new year!

Nov 1: TAILGATING PARTY on the Twos Playground was a hit!!!

The children, teachers, and parents all enjoyed the beautiful sunny day on the playground. The smells from the grills made everyone hungry and it was just a nice time to visit with families and friends. We have officially started a tradition!

The baby chicks are doing well on the farm. See for yourself:

Yes, these guys are getting pretty big - hard to believe they are only two weeks old! They are under the watchful eye of Trixie the dog, as you can see in the second photo.

We hope you like our webpage!

The Children's Center is focused on providing the highest standard of early care and education for the children we serve and our staff are the best early educators in Central Mississippi. Look at our HOME page for more documents.

With a variety of programs offered, CMCC has something for everyone. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at 601-825-0555.